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What ever your automation needs

Super Intuitive builds apps that make your lives easier
We started with a simple premise, make software that was so easy to use, the users had no excuse not to get their jobs done.

Super Intuitive
is a small group of dedicated programmers

with 25 years of experience We have helped automate the processes of several small to medium companies, helping them reach full potential

We are dedicated to helping the entire buisness community as a whole by providing free and inexpensive software that makes everyones life easier. Super Intuitive started when I realized that there were some very tech savvy marketers, that should be capable of building and maintaing their companies' websites, needed to contract expensive consultants for it.

can WEB!

Try our free and open source SuperIntuitive web builder. Go to SuperIntuitive.org to download it free. There are some videos on the .org HOW page that show how to set it up and use it. No programming experience is needed. It is all point and click. You can be up and running in just a few minutes. Or if you dont have that long, you can download the zip from right here:Super Intuitive Web builder

We love open source projects and plan to port many of our internal software to opensource. Its the best way to share our Intuitiveness with the world. Stay tuned...