We build your software
Have your custom business software built right

At SuperIntuitive we build custom business applications to make your company run smooth.
Automation is our specialty. We build extremely easy to use software to make your data entry simple

Your Businesses Website
Let your customers find you

A Beautiful Online presence is a requirement for every business in todays world. SuperIntuitive will sculpt your companies custom online experience. We can do this with whatever website builder you want. If your comfortable with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla we can help you. Maybe you would like to give our own in-house, extremely easy to manage, free web builder SuperIntuitive CMS a go. We've worked tirelessly to make it easy enough for anyone who is just a little tech savvy to build sites with.

Whatever your decision, we can work with you to design the perfect website that will drive traffic to you. We're not happy until you are happy.

Lead Generation & Supplementation
Find your audience

For any industry we write programs to scour the internet to procure the lead lists that will get you customers. Our lists are all custom to you so you specify the parameters. We will work with you to determine specifics such as location, column data, customer type and more. We can also take your existing leads and supplement it with new data such as latitude and longitude and or customer website data.

With Ease!

Online Data Directly to Your Data Base SuperIntuitive can use any API to get data and copy it directly to your database. Our API tools can use a number of methods to download your API data, then easily allow one or multiple virtual tables to be setup, and finally copy those tables directly to your database.

Automated Data Entry & Cleansing
Smooth Sailing

At SuperIntuitive we know how important it is that your database be fast, clean and trouble free. We will work with you to develop software that will not only allow standardized and validated data into your database, but will cleanse your existing data to make everything uniform. This will help eliminate duplications, ease search criteria, and enable the use of online APIs such as Google maps to make everything more efficient.

We'll setup your data warehousing and EDI interchanges. Do you have distribution in your sales network? Do they send "DATAish" to you? We will automate the cleanup validation and deduplication of whatever they send you so that it works for you.

Dynamics 365
with Power!

As Microsoft partners Dynamics is our middle name. We can customize your Dynamics F&O and CRM to fit your needs. If it is important to you that your CRM and ERP work to fill your organizations requirements we can help. From initial planning, deployment, data migration, customization, testing, training, up through Go-Live, your org will be up and running quickly and painlessly yet completely.

Custom Web Designer
Anyone can use

Be sure to let your Marketers know over the past several years we have developed what has to be the easiest website builder out there. Its free, open source (GPLv2) and you guessed it, it's called SuperIntuitive. Our dev business is named after it, not the other way around. Feel free to download it from superintuitive.org or if you like, we can spin you up a instance in the clouds.

The important part is that your tech savvy marketing intern will be able to customize SI much more easily than the big CMSs. You don't need to hire a php guru or a consultant to develop and maintain a straight forward multipage SMB website. If your site does get a bit out of the box and requires custom database transactions or extravagant animations then we will absolutely be happy to help. One thing to keep in mind with SuperIntuitive is that we write code with the expectation that you will want to be able to manage your site. We are happy to help manage it with or for you, but the customizations that we do will make it easy for the both of us in the end.