How do we do it?
Custom code for custom clients

At Super Intuitive we work diligently to build software that you need to fit your specifications.
We are here to help guide you through your project instiling knowledge transfer and honast practices
Our core principals are to exceed our customers expected results and provide tools and expertise unmatched in the industry. We want to hear from you again and again. We want you to want to tell others about us.

Deployments and Migrations
Your business efficiency is our buisness strategy

We know the cutting edge tools that make most of the worlds leading business keep ahead Whether your setting up a on prem domain network or are looking toward the future using cloud computing we can get you there.

We can setup your Active directoy forest on your Windows Servers at your location or build it in the clouds using Azure. We also are equiped to setup a complex LDAP Linux network to save you considerabe cost and provide fast secure autentication.

Tools that build results
Our Visual Studio is constantly churning

Let us build your custom cross platform Xamerin app that works on all mobile devices. Maybe you need front end XRM javascript or back end C# plugins for your CRM, we can build them. Can we interest you in client side .NET apps to offload some heavy processing requirements from your server to a users PC, we do that. How about modernizing your manufacturing facility with Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) software. Our X++ gurus can get it done.

Your App
on all mobile devices!

With Xamarin and Visual Studio we can build your app to your business specification and deploy it to every mobile platform. Your app will have the look and feel of the underlying device, however share uniform functionality. Most of the code is shared by all the devices with the exception of user interface. This allows us to build highly maintainable and updatable apps with identical version numbers. We can then deploy your app to all of the app stores or allow you to share them privately with only your organization.